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NLVMUG UserCon Session: The Why, What and How of Automation

On March 16th the Dutch VMUG UserCon took place. Again a big event with around 1000 attendees. And again I had the honor to fill one of the breakout sessions. This year I presented with my co-worker Ruurd Keizer. Our session was titled: “The Why, What and How of Automation”.

In this session we talked about digitization, the differences between power tools and factories, containers, Cloud Foundry and more.

The recording of our session is now available. It’s in Dutch, no subtitles. But the Demos are towards the end so feel free to skip the first part if you just want to watch the awesomeness 🙂

This presentation also inspired a whitepaper which you can find here.

NLVMUG UserCon 2017

On Thursday March 16th the annual NLVMUG UserCon will take place. The venue will be the same as the last few years: 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen.

All authors of this site will be participating in the conference: Dennis is the dutch VMUG leader so in that capacity he’ll have the honor of opening the conference. Olivier and I will be hosting a Group discussion titled “Automation in real life”. And I’ll also be presenting during a break-out session, together with my colleague Ruurd Keizer (author of The title for this years presentation is “The why, what and how of automation”.

Contrary to previous years (here, here and here) I won’t be bringing any physical DIYed gadgets onto the stage :(. Not because I didn’t want to but because I’m moving houses and all my stuff is in storage at the moment. would be mission impossible to get all the way to the back of the darn storage box to retrieve my soldering iron for example. If you’ve ever put your whole life in a storage box you know what I’m talking about….

But of course there will still be demos! and I still did some DIYing. It’s just all virtual this year 🙂

See you all this Thursday!

NLVMUG UserCon 2016: Autoscale IT Today

This years NLVMUG UserCon 2016 will be held on March 17th and will take place in conferentiecentrum 1931 in Den Bosch.  Keynote speakers are VMware’s Kit Colbert and Jay Marshall from Google. If you’re living close you should definitely consider visiting this largest VMUG UserCon event of the world!

Dennis and I will also present a session this year. Our session is titled: “Autoscale IT Today – The power of the SDDC” and we will talk about the why you want an SDDC, how to keep your job and show a cool autoscaling demo.

As you might know when you’ve visited our sessions before we alway bring some kind of nerdy gadget to support the demo. Last year it was an emergency button which kicked of workflows, The year before we brought a miniature datacenter with us. This year we’ll bring something to visually support our demo.  Here’s a teaser:

2016-03-07 19.35.15

yup… it involves a whole lot of full color LEDs, Wifi and vRO control. It’s still a work in progress so pixel alignment isn’t great which is clearly visible in the picture.

Of course I should throw in some buzzwords to attract more google hits and raise your interest in our session. So here goes. we’ll talk about software defined, sddc, daas, photon, autoscaling and LEDs 🙂


What does this button do?

Dennis and I will be presenting at the NLVMUG Event on March 19 2015. We will talk about automation in general, how to optimize for automation, how cool docker is and we’ll be doing some awesome interactive demo’s.

This year we won’t take a 3D printed datacenter with us. Instead we’ll take our magic button with us. It’s battery powered, Wifi connected and looks like this:

2015-02-17 23.54.44

What does this button do? join us on March 19th to find out.

Shoebox sized Datacenter – The Italian Job

Today Dennis and I presented our session “Datacenter performance in a Shoebox” aka “The Shoebox sized datacenter” at the Italian VMUG User Conference.The conference was a little bit smaller than the Dutch conference but it was a very nice crowd. We were welcomed with an amazing dinner on Tuesday. Thanks VMUGIT!

The session was about how much faster flash storage is compared to old fashioned spinning disks. Part of the presentation is a demo with a datacenter we actually took with us in a backpack! This shows how much storage performance you can get in the footprint about the size of a shoebox.

We presented this same session in March at the Dutch VMUG Conference.You can read about the Shoebox Sized DC in these blog posts: The Hardware, The Software and the mind blowing performance.

For the Italian edition we decided we needed to upgrade our “datacenter” to version 2.0. This new version has a brand new home brew NAS device as a replacement of the old Thecus NAS box we were using. It looks cooler, it’s lighter, it’s faster and a lot more stable. But getting the thing to work wasn’t as straight forward as I had hoped. You can read more about my journey of building this NAS device here.

2014-05-02 21.05.19

Below are the records from both the Dutch event and the VMUG Italy conference You can find the presentation slides here.

In English:

In Dutch: