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Enable SIOC on all datastores

Recently I had to enable Storage I/O Control on a lot of datastores. I did find this powershell script to do it. But being a vRO junky I obviously wanted to use vRO to do this so I quickly created a workflow  to enable SIOC on all datastores. Actually not on all datastores, the workflow asks for a filter string. All datastores which name contain that string will be skipped. Useful if you don’t want SIOC enabled on, for example, vplex luns like I did. I released the workflow on Flowgrab. You can check it out here. I tested this with vRO and vSphere 5.5. If you don’t want to install the package. Below is the actual code from the action I created.``` if (! datastore) { throw new Error (“Datastore cannot be null”); }

//Find storageResourceManager for this datastore var sdkConnection = datastore.sdkConnection; var storageRM = sdkConnection.storageResourceManager;

//Create IORM spec var iormSpec = new VcStorageIORMConfigSpec(); iormSpec.enabled = true;

//Start the reconfig task return storageRM.configureDatastoreIORM_Task(datastore, iormSpec); I also use a filter in my workflow which looks like this: filteredDatastores = allDatastores .filter(function(ds) { return == -1; });

filteredDatastores.forEach(function(ds) { System.log( });