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Christiaan and Dennis rewarded vExpert 2016

Something we are very proud of, but we didn’t want to brag about so that’s why we waited so long to share it with you. Christiaan and Dennis are rewarded vExpert for the second year in a row. So what is vExpert program? It’s explained by VMware as follows: The VMware vExpert program is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program. The program is designed to put VMware’s marketing resources towards your advocacy efforts. Promotion of your articles, exposure at our global events, co-op advertising, traffic analysis, and early access to beta programs and VMware’s roadmap. VMware will provide you with a unique vExpert id that will allow insights into analytics to help understand customer trends to assist you and keep your advocacy activities on track. The awards are for individuals, not companies, and last for one year. Employees of both customers and partners can receive the awards. In the application, we consider activities from the previous year as well as the current year’s activities in determining who gets awards. We look to see that not only were you active but are still active in the path you chose to apply for. If you would like to know who is also rewarded vExpert you can read the VMware vExpert Announcement blog. VMW-LOGO-vEXPERT-2016-k